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Londoner and Garisha on the top of the beacon-Pen-Y-Fan,Wales

I am a little bit of a liar.
Londoner, has spent more than a half-life in Wales.For the very simple reason, he married Welsh women.
In Serbia, we used to say: Where is your wife was born, that's your origin.
Lond-Welsh guy name is Steve,my walking guru.
In Wales , there are three national parks:Snowdonia,The Brecon Beacons and the Pembrokeshire Cost,containing landscapes and habitats of international importance.
Like all Brits,Steve was very polite and attentive to me.He chose the easiest hiking tour for me.

Pen-Y-Fan is the highest mountain in South Wales, part of http://www.breconbeacons.org/  the national park. It is formed of strongly glaciated Old Red Sandstone.
 The exact height of  Pen-y-Fan is 886 m.
If we compare the highest peak in my surroundings
http://www.serbiatravelers.org/en/destinations/44-vojvodina/451-fruska-gora , it will be great progress for me:)
The English translation of Pen-Y- Fan is approximately, "top of the beacon".
Let`s go on top!
We left the car at the foot of the mountain and moved slowly on.

                                                                On the left side was a stream

There was also was one house that I forgot to take   photo of.In exchange for this, here are some more pictures of beautiful landscapes.

                                                               And walking guru-Steve!

 You can not imagine Wales without a sheep.And where are the sheep, there they are ... So we have to be careful not to accidentally stand on s...

I did not show Steve, the differences between the English and the Welsh.He need to recognize by yourself.It`s high time:)

Since we did not have any affinity for the sheep, we continue our journey.

Not just sheep in Wales, you can also  find here pony horsess who share food with sheep.
                                                                      At the half way point we stopped.
Steve has informed me that our large swimming pool is expected soon.Here it is!

We met a lot of hikers and talked with them.Always same question:"Lovely weather isn`t it?"
When it became clear that they will not stop with the same question, I started to laugh.
It seems that British hikers does not have a lot of opportunities to enjoy in beautiful weather?
Steve nice man, answered a million times ..Yes,lovely...
Only children were not asked us.They don`t care.
A memorial obelisk can be seen on the  half way to the summit.

                                                            Tommy Jones Obelisk
The obelisk commemorates a five-year-old boy who died in August 1900.Tommy had died from exhaustion and exposure, but how a small boy managed to climb so high remains a mystery?Sad story.
That was our second break.
Hm.A few hundred meters followed by a third break.So near but so far!
I admit I was a little hurt leg.Maybe the main reason was  my new hiking shoes?Maybe I`m not in good shape?Certainly it's all true.Dear friend Steve had understanding of the urban Serbian tourist.
And then, suddenly, and we are on top!
                                  There, we asked an hiker to make a photo historical photo
                                                           more historical photos
I was happy as a little child.Is no small thing for a guy from the plains to win so big top.
886m and 539m are not for comparison, is not it? Big difference.
Steve was very proud of me.He recomended next destination North Wales-Snowdonia.
My dear friend,it`s too much historical hiking for me.
Leave it for next year.
I promised him, but  I`m urban travel garisha...
I need time to prepare.
                                                     Garisha thinks about of the next hiking Oh I forgot.Return back was piece of cake!!
The weather was beautiful.
 The legs did not hurt me.
 Steve has not made a joke to my account.Or he made?
Who cares!
Watch out!
Snowdonia I`m coming!


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